D-Wood Series

68 Style
78 Style
92 Style
68 Classic
78 Classic

The windows bring out the natural beauty and warmth of wood, both for those enjoying them from the inside and for anyone looking at the building from the outside.

Available in a sash and frame measuring 68 mm – 78 mm – 92 mm. The glass is fitted directly by the company in-house with a double silicone seal: concealed in the frame rebate and with an automatic silicone seal air treatment only on the outside of the sash.

All the components of our window frames are individually stained and painted before being assembled and come with a 10 year guarantee on the paintwork. Because it has no glazing bead, the frame has a much cleaner line as well as being safer and structurally sounder.

The drip channel is incorporated into the lower profile of the frame , which has a special channel running round all four sides to collect water and humidity. The internal profile of the sash has a continuous chamfer (STYLE model) or a slight bevelled edge (CLASSIC model)..

The window is sound proofed up to 47dB and has a certified U value (Uw) up to 0.88 W/m2K.


No glazing beads – thanks to a specific design, construction and assembly process, our sashes have no internal glazing beads: an enhanced look plus the advantage of a more solid sash and improved safety against break-ins.

Glass fitting – the glass is firmly fitted in the frame using a double silicone treatment with a crystalline sealant: concealed in the frame rebate and on the outside of the sash, using an automated air system that guarantees a perfect fit; no unattractive features or heat loss.

Integrated drip channel  – our windows do not have an external drip edge: it is incorporated into the lower profile of the frame while a channel running all round the inside of the sash ensures that water and condensation are collected efficiently in order to preserve the sash over time.

All components painted  – all the components of our window frames are individually stained or painted, then allowed to dry before being assembled; this ensures greater protection of the sash.

Double sealants – all our sashes have a double sealant; they have a thermal sealant on the inside while the external sealant guarantees optimum water-tightness.

Certified glazing – we select the most suitable glass panes for our windows from a wide range depending on the type of thermal insulation and sound proofing required in full compliance with current legislation. In particular, we guarantee sound proofing up to 47dB and a certified U value (Uw) up to 0.88 W/m2K.

Approved casement and frame section  – our windows have an identical section (68, 78 or 92 mm) for all the components (casement and frame): this ensures a continuous profile that is aesthetically pleasing and a stronger fixture.